Accounting Software Simplified


Accounting Software Simplified

Transform the way you manage your bookkeeping in one place. 

Accounting Software Simplified

Let Vifto transform the way you manage your bookkeeping in one place easily. 


Accounting Software Simplified

Transform the way you manage your bookkeeping in one place. 


Introducing Vifto

At Vifto, we understand that hiring and training accountants, whilst on a budget, can be very expensive. Vifto is an innovative cloud-based accounting software which is simple, cost effective and enables business owners to maximize the potential of their workforce with minimal training.  


Our team consists of highly qualified people who have more than 10 years experience in accounting and software developement that help businesses like yourself in their accounting and bookkeeping needs. 

Vifto Dashboard

Why is Vifto made for you?


Access on any device, anytime 


Data can be stored on all devices including on your PC, mobile device, tablet, etc. interchangibly worldwide.


Track your expenses easily



Keep track of your expenses easily with a felxible accounting software.


Build simple and better business insights


Create projects and collaborate with your advisor to manage the performance of your business.


Up to date and Powerful Accounting Software


We are constantly adding new features to enhance your accounting experience. 


Types of features

Explore Vifto's features and tools built mainly for small businesses, accountants, bookkeepers and entrepreneurs like you.


With Vifto you can:


  • Automate tasks like invoicing and reporting,
  • Get a full financial picture of your business,
  • Make end-of-year tax returns easy, 
  • Pay creditors and receive payments with multiple currencies; and many more.


All the features

Enter all bank payments in one dashboard

Keep record of all receipts in one place

Automatic depreciation features

Pay your creditors in multiple currencies

Run your business anywhere

Manage and Add VAT Rates

Create invoices within minutes

Vifto's features at a glance

Purchases & Expenses

Send Professional Invoices

Create professional invoices with a click of a button. From adding your company logo to changing fonts, customize invoice templates to reflect your company. 

Purchases & Expenses

Our Clients

With Vifto you can

Access everything in one place

Vifto is a powerful all-in-one solution for your business. Run everything smoothly, keep tidy records, and make compliance a breeze.


  • Automate tasks like invoicing and reporting
  • Get a full financial picture of your business
  • Make end-of-year tax returns easy

Connect to your bank

Set up bank feeds from your bank accounts so transactions are imported securely into Vifto each business day.


  • Bank transactions automatically flow into Vifto
  • Reconcile your bank transactions every day
  • See an up-to-date picture of your cash flow

Collaborate with your accountant in real time

Use Vifto to work simultaneously with your personal accountant, bookkeeper, or employees, anywhere. 


  • Access the same up-to-date information at the same time
  • Leave comments and discuss business data in real time
  • Allow employees to submit expenses, manage creditors or debtors, and send invoices

Customise to suit your needs

Take advantage of Vifto's accounting software by creating an easy to use dashboard containing all your accounting features in just one page. 

Let's do this. 

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