Vifto makes depreciating your assets simplified. Track the values of your current registered fixed assets and calcuate their expected depreciated values for the forth coming years. 

Automatic Depreciation Features


Vifto automatically depreciates all of your registered assets and are written off in the balance sheet. 


Automatic Asset Types



Vifto is automatically equipped with the latest depreciation features needed for you to calculate the current value of your assets. 

Impairment value of your assets

Vifto automatically depreciates current assets values using the straight-line method. 

Organise all registered fixed assets under one dashboard

Depreciation dashboard

Automatic Depreciation Features

Vifto will automatically depreciate all previous asset related transactions with the accounting methods of your choice to calculate the current value of your assets.


  • Automatically depreciates your current assets using the straight-line method of depreciation.

  • The net present value of all registered assets is accurately calculated according to the change in value of your asset. 

Fixed Assets Registration
Asset Types

Automantic Asset Types

Vifto is automatically equipped with the lastest depreciation features needed to calculate the current values for your assets.  


  • Duplicate or delete certain depreciation asset types of your choosing. 

  • Change the default years or percentage of depreciation.

  • Directly allocate depreciation features to multiple assets accounts or to certain employee accounts. 

Easy Impairment, revaluation and devaluation of your assets

Vifto also offers impairment features which are automatically written off in the balance sheet of your accounts.  

  • Add an impairment, devaluation or revaluation to previous, current or future assets. 

  • These can be easily assigned on multiple assets in one simple screen. 

Impairment of your assets

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