Easily send and upload all your receipts onto Vifto's multi-compatible desktop and mobile application in the expenses record. 

Setup your bank accounts automatically


Connect all of your receipts directly to your bank account using Vifto.




Keep record of all of your receipts in one place


Vifto allows you to keep track and view of all your receipts throughout the accounting period. 



Automatic transactions allocated to all receipts


Whenever you use Vifto to allocate your receipts, all double entries are automatically allocated in their respective accounts. 

Setup your bank accounts automatically

Vifto automatically allocates every  receipt in the sales ledger and in your bank account. 


  • Easily search and filter any entries in the sales ledger. 

  • View previous receipts from current and past months or years. 

  • Allocate any receipts directly to any account using bank, cash, other or none. 

Setting up bank accounts for receipts
Posted Receipts

Keep record of all of your receipts in one place

Keep a birds-eyed view of all the receipts and how much you have sold.


  • Print and download any receipt as a PDF and CSV with a click of a button. 

  • Use a specific receipt as a template for other receipts.  

Automatic transactions allocated according to every receipt

Vifto automatically allocates every receipt entered according to the selected account. 

Double Entry of Receipts

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