Easy to use online accounting software 

Manages your finances under one dashboard.

Collaborate with your accountant in real time

Use Vifto to work simultaneously with your personal accountant, bookkeeper, or employees, anywhere. 


  • Access the same up-to-date information at the same time
  • Leave comments and discuss business data in real time
  • Allow employees to submit expenses, manage creditors or debtors, and send invoices

Create professional invoices

Create professional invoices with the click of a button. From adding your company logo to changing fonts, customize invoice templates to reflect your company


  • Save all receipts and manage your bank account directly from Vifto.

  • Print and download any entry on Microsoft Excel or as PDF. 

  • Receive bills and payments with international currencies.

Stay on top of your expenses

Managing daily expenses and purchases has never been this simple. Whether it is cleaning expenses, office supplies, travelling expenses, or any employee expenditure, access all purchases and expenses incurred from Vifto's Purchases & Expenses dashboard. 


  • Vifto's Purchases & Expenses dashboard subdivides all purchases and entries according to three main categories; Items, Capital Assets and General. 
  • Keep an eye on all purchases and expenses incurred during the previous, curret and next months.  
  • All purchases entered are listed in the purchases ledger in Vifto where one can easily sort them by period, currency, etc.  

Keep record of all of your receipts in one place

Easily send and upload all your receipts onto Vifto's multi-compatible desktop and mobile application in the expenses record. 

Connect to your bank

Set up bank feeds from your bank accounts so transactions are imported securely onto Vifto Books each business day.


  • Bank transactions automatically flow into Vifto
  • Reconcile your bank transactions every day
  • See an up-to-date picture of your cash flow


View all final reports under one dashboard

Turn data into information with Vifto. View all transactions and finances with accurate accounting reports. 

Organise all registered fixed assets under one dashboard. 

Vifto makes depreciating your assets simplified. Track the values of your current registered fixed assets and calcuate their expected depreciated values for the forth coming years. 



  • Automatically depreciate your current assets using the straight-line  method of depreciation.
  • Directly allocate depreciation features to multiple assets accounts or to certain employee accounts. 
  • Add an impariment to previous, current or future assets.


Upload all of your VAT reports onto Vifto

Vifto makes managing your taxes easy. Vifto calculates all of your taxes, creates VAT reports and tracks how much VAT you have paid globally. 

  • Submit a summary or a detailed report of your VAT Return via Excel or PDF.
  • Export and view previous and current VAT Decleration History reports.

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