How do I record my Expenses?

Step 1: Click on the 'Purchases' tab on the left side of Vifto Books. 

Step 2: Click on the 'Purchases & Expenses' tab on the left side of Vifto Books under the 'Purchases' tab. 

Step 3: Automatically select any supplier whose information was previously saved on Vifto Books.

Step 3.1: Add a new supplier to your expenses by clicking on the  icon. Fill-in all the information in the listed fields above about your creditors. Click on 'Save & Close' button to save the newly created creditor. 

Step 4: Select the date of your expense. This could be either an expense incurred in the past, current or for the future

Step 5: Select or change the currency of your expense. 

Step 6: Select the 'On Receipt ' button if you don't have any receipt of your expense.  

Step 6.1 : Upload the receipts or any evidence directly from your PC or Mobile Device onto Vifto Books. 

Step 7: Select the 'due date' of your expenses. This could be either an expense incurred in the past, current or for the future

Step 8: Select the 'Cash Purchase ' button if you have any purchases made by cash.  

Step 8.1: Automatically select any bank account saved on Vifto Books. Click on the blue 'Cash Account button' to add your bank account directly onto Vifto Books.   

Step 9: Start adding your items by choosing whether your purchase is a 'Product', 'Service' or 'Capital Asset'.  

Step 9.1: Enter your purchase item details including a description, photo and bank account details.    

Note: Inputed details will automatically be listed when entering your purchase item details under the 'Description' coloumn in the expenses sheet.    

Step 9.2: Fill-in all the required entries of your expenses under each coloumn. Add more entries to you're expense by clicking on the 'Add a new entry'.

Step 10: Save your expense as a draft and use it at a later date

Step 11: Post your final expense sheet onto Vifto Books. Vifto Books automatically saves all of your posted expense sheets in the 'Posted' window in the 'Purchases & Expenses' tab. 

Note: Use posted expense sheets as a template for other expenses incurred by clicking on the 'Use as template' buttonin the 'Posted' window in the 'Purchases & Expenses' tab.